Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics


Dental prosthesis at the Sunny Dent clinic

The essence of orthopedic treatment is the permanent and cosmetic reconstruction or restoration of missing teeth. The achievements of modern dentistry give us a wide range of possibilities to use the appropriate method for each case. In our clinic we will be able to find the best solution suitable for you. We offer the following options for prosthetics:

Microprosthetics: Ceramic tabs (inlays) – inlay, onlay, overlay

Crowns:Metal-ceramic dental crowns, Ceramic dental crowns – e.max ceramics, Zirconia ceramic dental crowns, Telescopic dental crowns, Plastic, double-layer, permanent, temporary

Bridges: Metal-ceramic dental bridge, Ceramic dental bridge – e.max ceramics, Zirconia Ceramic dental bridge, Adhesive bridges

Stump dental tabs (pins): Metal, Ceramic

Prostheses:Full denture with artificial teeth , Removable nylon prosthesis VALPLAST, One-sided (partial) removable prosthesis from VALPLAST nylon, Immediate denture, Simple bugel denture with clamp fixation, Bugel prosthesis with plastic matrix attachments, Bugel splinting prosthesis, Complicated (splinting) clasp (bugel) prosthesis or clasp denture with locking fixation – no visible metal seen while smiling or speaking, • Removable dentures with fixation on implants




Removal of cemented crown20 лв.
Re-cement crown, bgidge or veneer temponary / permanent resine25 – 60 лв./ едц.
Pinlay steel Co-Cr / ceramics90 лв. – 180 лв.
Temponary plastic crown30 – 50 – 70 лв.
A crown veneered with porcelain only the front side (base metal)150 лв.
Porcelain fused to metal crown250 лв.
Porcelain fused to metal crown anchored on implant400 лв.
Zirconium crown400 лв.
Porcelain fused to zirconium crown500 лв.
Porcelain inlay, onlay, overlay420 лв. – 560 лв.
Porcelan crown E-max press ceramic600 лв.
Porcelain veneer E-max press ceramic650 лв.
Zirconium crown anchored on implant700 лв.
Porcelain fused to zirconium crown anchored on implant800 лв.
Immediate dentures (It replaces tooth without interfering with the adjacent teeth)250 BGN
Acrylic partial / total denture350 BGN
Partial / total flexible denture Valplast / Bioplast650 BGN
Chrome dentures750 BGN
Skeletal denture with clasps / inserts850 BGN
Prosthesis assembled on implantsPriced after examination
Denture repair, supply and tooth correction prosthesis80 – 120 BGN
Relining acrylic denture200 BGN

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