Implantology services

Implantology services

Implantology services at the clinic Sunny Dent


At Sunny Dent clinic, the procedure of implantation is carried out even in difficult conditions of dental treatment, using the control and regeneration of bone tissue. Implantation is considered to be highly qualified dental care. The goal of implantology is to restore the dentition, correct the function of the chewing apparatus, the anatomy of the face, and the feeling of comfort. The most important thing is though, to restore the attractiveness and health of the patient and, consequently, improve the quality of life.

Implantation is a procedure for implanting an artificial root (implant) into the upper or lower jaw. Implants are used as supports for crowns and bridges – they fully replace a lost teeth. They are used for removable and non-removable dentures as well. The implant consists of two parts – the implant itself, in the form of a titanium screw, which is surgically implanted into the jaw and an abutment, which can be titanium, zirconium or ceramics. The abutment is attached to the implant after the healing period. Dental implants differ in shape, size, and outer coating – all this is necessary so that artificial titanium roots can be used for various clinical cases. The implant has high strength, and an artificial tooth that fits on it is comparable to a healthy one. The ability to fit an artificial tooth to bone implants depends primarily on the structure of the surface of the implant. The surface must be microporous. This allows the bone tissue to grow into the pores, and the implant is held mechanically. The implant surface is made porous by plasma spraying, sand blasting, anodizing, acid etching, or a combination of these methods. At our clinic we work with the following implant manufacturers:Alpha Bio, Bio Horizons, Bicon, Nobel Biocare, Straumann.


Dental Implants Alpha Bio (Israel)1200 BGN
Dental Implants Osstem (South Korea)1300 BGN
Dental Implants Bio Horizons, Bicon (USA)1600 BGN
Dental Implants Straumann (Germany)2000 BGN
Bone graft / Bone augmentationPriced after examination
Sinus liftingPriced after examination
* All implants supplied with a connector titanium

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