Therapeutic treatment

Therapeutic treatment

Therapeutic treatment at the Sunny Dent clinic


Caries is one of the most common tooth diseases encountered in dental practice, in which the destruction of enamel and dentin occurs, as a result of which damage occurs on its surface.

Causes of dental caries

  • Non-compliance with the oral hygiene rules – irregular teeth cleaning
  • Eating sweets contributes to the formation of plaque, which also accumulates bacteria
  • Improper diet (lack of vitamins, abundance of food containing sugar, lack of raw vegetables and fruits in the diet)
  • Increasing the acid balance of the oral cavity due to the breakdown of toxins secreted by bacteria
  • Irregular visit to the dentist
  • Weak immune system
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of the circulatory tissues (periodontal)
  • Destructive damage to tooth enamel of non-caries nature
  • Congenital malformations of the tooth and its structures in general
  •  Low calcium, fluoride and phosphorus in drinking water
  • An inherited predisposition of the organism to dental caries
  • Influence of common diseases of the body (for example, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract)
  • Various past and concomitant illnesses (rickets, tuberculosis, etc.)




Treatment planning / diagnosis / consultation / prescriptions / taking out stitches20 bgn
Cavity preparation and filling light-curing material* (white fillings)S 50-80 bgn
M 70-100 bgn
L 80-120 bgn
XL 100-160 bgn
* Price of developing and fill in cavity depends on the size and quantity of surface
Temporary filling20 bgn
Biological dressing under filling30 bgn
Removal of the old pin20 bgn
Embedding the base metal pin, tooth build-up80 bgn
Embedding the fiberglass pin, tooth build-up100 bgn
Teeth splinting with light cure tape30 BGN / per tooth
Digital dental X-ray15 bgn

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