Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening at  Sunny Dent Clinic

For your convenience and safety of the procedure, we use the Beyond American Teeth Whitening System – completely white teeth within an hour!

According to tests, the Beyond system can whiten teeth by 5 – 14 shades on the Vita scale. The results have proven that the system is approximately 30% better than the other methods, for example overnight bleaching.

The whole Beyond Whitening procedure takes approximately one hour. It uses low temperature and cold light, in this way avoiding irritation of the tooth pulp. The proof about its effectiveness is the fact that more than a million people worldwide have used this method.

Beyond – this is one-time procedure which does not cause any side effects. Currently enjoys a high reputation for the safest and most effective way of teeth whitening in the world.


Professional oral hygiene – ultrasonic cleaning, polishing teeth with brushes and abrasive pastes.80 – 120* лв.
Beyond® Teeth Whitening299 лв.
Intracanal tooth whitening 1 procedure70 лв.

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